This Is What The Olsen Twins Used To Look Like, But Wait Until You See Them Now!

#1 They hit the Big screen in 1987.

They were just 6 months old, Mary-Kate and Ashley were cast as Michelle Tanner on the ABC family sitcom Full House.


#2 By 1989 they were America’s favorite toddlers

Playing the role of the youngest Tanner girl,the twin sisters won hearts all over the nation.


3. By the early 90’s they were top of the world.

As girls got older,their role on Full House got even bigger and better !!


#4 In 1992 the twin sisters did their first non-Full House gig.

They recorded their first album Brother For Sale and also starred in their very first Movie To Grandmothers House We Go.


#5 Full House led to an all time high rating in 1993,because of these girls.

Michelle Tanner grew into the show’s most popular character and it increase the show ratings.The world just couldn’t get enough of Mary-Kate and Ashley.


6. In 1995 they move to bigger,better things.

In 1995 they got their first Hollywood break when they filmed their first major motion picture ‘It Takes Two’, starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirstie Alley.



#7 They gained and enjoyed immense popularity for the rest of the 90’s.

There was always someone or the other who wanted to sign them and they had their albums too.


#8 They started an industry in 2001.

They decided to try their luck in other business and started their own fashion line in 2001.


#9 They failed miserably in the movie industry.

Last time the girls were seen together in any movie was in 2004.


#10 The girls were fashion icons by 2006.

Twins were signed as the faces of Badgley Mischka in 2006 and in 2007 created their own line, Elizabeth & James.


#11 By 2012 they reached the top in the fashion world.

In 5 years since they started off their brand,it was named the Womenswear Designers of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.


#12 The twin sisters Now.

They are very successful as designers, this is how they look today.

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