Seeing These Wedding Dresses Will Make You Wish You Were Blind. The Father Doesn’t Even Know What To Say.

#1 Cupcake dress

This bride’s love for cupcakes was a priority when choosing a wedding dress design.

#2 Showing her assets

We don’t have a problem with her wanting to show her assets, but this might be a bit too much.

#3 On fire

She wanted the guests at her wedding to remember her dress as “being on fire”.

#4 USA wedding dress

This bride loves America so much that she decided to wear the stars and stripes on the day of her wedding.


#5 Minimalist design

It looks as if she took some toilet paper, wrapped it around her body and called it a dress.

#6 Spider-man?

What is the point of wearing a veil that makes you look like Spider-man? Scaring the groom?

#7 Body paint

These close friends decided to walk around wearing only body paint on the day of their wedding.

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